Your Time on Earth Matters

Time is a precious gift that isn’t granted to all nor is it guaranteed how much time you will have on this Earth.

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A Letter From A Recovering Narcissist : I’m Sorry But I AM Not the Enemy.

The shame surrounding this personality disorder has prevented people from going into recovery. Let’s not forget, as a society merely grasping the extent of mental health, everyone deserve to heal. Everyone deserves compassion. Hurt people, hurt people There are a FEW people who intentionally want to hurt other’s for their own benefit. There are TOO MANY…

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How To Choose Happiness Everyday

“Life is a balance of holding on a letting go” —Rumi Happiness must become the choice you make every hour of the day until you no longer have to consciously choose, it just becomes your natural way of living. Fortunately changing the way we experience life is a chance we all have every single day…

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