Ladies, Your Relationship Is Only As Strong As You Are In Yourself

For women exhausted of blaming other people for their unhappiness; it’s time too appreciate our strength and power to create the relationship we desire.

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A Letter From A Recovering Narcissist : I’m Sorry But I AM Not the Enemy.

The shame surrounding this personality disorder has prevented people from going into recovery. Let’s not forget, as a society merely grasping the extent of mental health, everyone deserve to heal. Everyone deserves compassion. Hurt people, hurt people There are a FEW people who intentionally want to hurt other’s for their own benefit. There are TOO MANY…

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Thought’s On Loving The Naked Raw Self

Is this world ready for everyone to love their raw selves? Because I AM tired of a society that labels people with personality disorders as if that encompasses the complexity of human emotions and/or my identity. Real — being honest with society. Authentic — being honest with yourself. Raw — the unhealed, healed, damaged, secret aspects of you front and center…

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