Risking it all to find authentic happiness.

I just turned twenty five and have no career, college degree or marriage to boast about. What I do have is a new sense of self and a revitalized dream that makes my heart sing.

Living in a time period where we are measured by our physical “success” it’s hard to explain why I walked away from it all to figure myself out. People may find it to be an act of impulsive irresponsibility rather than a obligatory act to release ones self from emotional emptiness.

Sometimes everything MUST come down in order for something substantial to be built.


Because as long as you build on the preconceived notion of what happiness, success and morality are and not take the time to figure out what that means to YOU. You will surely lack the soul, emotional and mental individual understanding that leads to authentic growth.

The top will be reached physically and it will feel indifferent because the intent behind the ambition has always been other peoples/societies validation.

Success will reveal itself, but it will be success defined by other’s.

Even if it is discovered along self discovery that YOU do want what everyone else want’s, it is still a mark of growth that time was taken to question it all.

To assure the best lived life

To secure your happiness

To support your individual path.

It is imperative to allow it all to fall and receive the truth hidden in the rubble of falsity.

That’s freedom, that is love and that is why it’s worth the risk.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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