1. Because only I choose what to take from my “failures”

There’s no “failures” in life, but there are uncomfortable moments that wouldn’t of been possible if you didn’t place yourself in that situation. I don’t count my losses because not all gains are visible immediately. I bet on myself because I have this wisdom to see the gains in what other’s would perceive loss.

2. I thrive on the relationship with myself

It took me years to gain a solid and healthy relationship with myself. One where I don’t lie, hide my vulnerabilities or try to ignore my emotions. I used to be a selfish self lover and over time I have learned what it means to be a good, nurturing self lover. My actions directly affect me every time so I support myself all the time.

3. There are many journeys in life traveled alone

Certain journeys are highly impactful to an individuals mental, emotional, spiritual or physical world. These journeys I refer to as labs, I retreat and sift through information until I feel I have it right. It’s not to say I run away from my lover or friends, but sometimes in order to move forward and heal I have to figure certain thing’s out for myself.

4. Because there is nothing wrong with me

I AM a capable, intelligent, ambitious, wise fancy pants woman. I have gone through a lot in my life and as of right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing articles and partnered up with someone who loves all of me. Based on where I’ve came from I’d say I’ve made it and yes, it’s for me to decide what “made it” means.

5. No one knows where I am going

I keep my plans to myself, the reason I do this is too avoid any distractions along the way. One thing I have learned is if it is meant to be, trust me, it will be. Some how the universe covertly crafts each person into your life exactly where they should be, when they should be. When you share your story, your dreams and master plan it opens up the energy to be influenced or judged on. As human’s we naturally compare everything and everyone to our selves, it’s not intentionally malevolent, it’s the primitive mind assuring personal safety. (Humans are conditioned to equate safety with similarity)

So the risk entails, sharing this information with someone who; doesn’t relate too that plan and unconsciously judges it, messing up the fertile energy you originally had when you kept it to yourself. There are dream killers out there and it’s something people have a hard time stopping. Don’t assume because someone says they care about you that they can conquer their demons FOR YOU.

Food for thought

Why is the engine of a car tucked away under the roof? Why is the heart hidden underneath lung flesh and ribs; If you removed these thing’s from it’s original place even with good intention, the system would collapse. It’s because the most precious, essential, sources of life are kept hidden away from reach.

  • Your personal motivation a.k.a the promises made to yourself.
  • Your master plan to take over the world and create your own.
  • Your way of filling your cup of self love.

These are precious sources of life, action and limitless creation and should be protected. Before sharing these, if ever decided too, make sure without a doubt you are sharing for the right reason’s. Not because you want someone to assure you will make it or because your looking for a new dream to hop onto.

“Dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and finally, when we commit ourselves, become inevitable.” — M.K Ghandhi

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