So we’re all chasing satisfaction and happiness right?

I’m an advocate for finding “authentic” happiness, which is different than just general happiness. Authentic happiness is one that’s entirely based on self:



Releasing judgment and living from a place of peace.

That sounds like butterfly’s and rainbows, a dream that’s been recycled over centuries and chopped up on the board of “Concepts We Can’t Get Enough Of”. It’s on that board primarily because along the race to peace people run into themselves and it goes one of two way’s.

The first way is option A:

  • Accepting media’s packaged version of peace off the shelves.
  • The price can range from cheap and fleeting to expensive and fleeting.
  • Either way, our society has a nicely packaged version of happiness that is offered to us all.
  • With it comes societies approval and acceptance and the glee that comes from likes and hearts on social media.

Option B of course, is the opposite.

  • Doesn’t guarantee societies approval nor social media’s attention.
  • It entails going within and walking through one darkness to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • This light isn’t the big house, fancy car and shiny new clothes, this light is inner awareness.
  • I won’t put fancy words around it or make it sound like anything other than what it is.

Inner Awareness and Knowing

That’s really just about all it is. Living in the midst of societies frenzy of racing towards bought peace or earned peace. There’s always the cross roads of which do we accept.

I personally find peace with a price on it too be counterfeit to what people are truly in search for. Along the way we tend to lose so many pieces of ourselves that we yearn to get back and it ends up creating distance between everyone else around us. I think the real peace is found when it’s accepted that external reward just won’t cut it.

Each and every individual eventually decides traveling the solitary journey of coming into our own.

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