The excitement of beginning a new project fills us up with so much motivation that it feels like there’s no possible way it could fail! So why do we fall short of so many goals throughout our life?

I have discovered that people have a bad habit of deciding to do things they DON’T WANT TO DO. There’s a lack of attention given to WHAT WE WANT TO DO and more attention given too WHAT’S EXPECTED.

Whether that’s expectation from society, ourselves (which tends to be whispers from childhood), family, friends etc. The list doesn’t end. Either way, when we set goals like: I want a flat tummy by January, the motivation is commonly drawn from what other people will say when they see this new body, how well clothes will fit; it’s a pile of theoretical scenarios based on external validation.

However, humans are on a search for something more meaningful than external validation. That’s why the motivation for these “goals” inevitably fades away. The soul has no problem throwing away unfulfilling ventures, it’s our attachment that has a hard time moving on.
This attachment clouds the beautiful fact that there is another goal/vision awaiting you that will bring this fulfillment if only you could let go of what you don’t REALLY want and allow the realization of what you do want to take center stage.

Commonalities of Successful, Goal Reaching, Women and Men

Commonality # 1: Those who reach their goals have a story connected to their innermost desires that inspired them to begin. This desire and story carried their motivation to see it through.

Commonality #2: None of them set goals to receive more attention or become famous.

Commonality # 3: they all set goals that strengthened the relationship with themselves and gave them purpose.

Commonality # 4: Purpose and self-love is the only driving force strong enough to see something from start to finish; to sacrifice the time and energy it requires to build something from nothing.

Commonality # 5: Along the path of many successful individuals are goals that faded away, a business that was a bust and constant change of direction.

Difference Between Those Who Make it and Those Who Don’t

The major difference between those who make it and those who don’t is self-honesty. When it isn’t fulfilling any more successful people move on, realizing their being called to something bigger. That can be as big as changing the goal or as small as changing the approach.

Find comfort in the uncomfortable unfolding learning journey that is life. You may think you want something but you will be revealed over the course of failure what you’re truly searching for. That’s the greatest part about life, our job is to keep dreaming and acting, life does the lessons and leading for us.

Become A Successful, Goal Hitting Winner

By first, being honest with yourself.

I feel like I say that to people every day because most people do not check in with themselves when making future plans. Then it all fails because the heart was never in it. So people keep making weak goals based on external reward.

Stop this cycle today by:

  • writing out your goals and finding the purpose behind them.
  • Chuck out the goals that have no purpose besides other people; other peoples validation will never be a strong enough source for seeing something all the way through.
  • To make better goals in life make sure the end reward brings something like this:

– Years added to life

– Emotional satisfaction between self and self

– More love and harmony within the self


What ever you do, don’t you dare stop reaching, discovering, learning and loving yourself unconditionally along the way.

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