As a beginning writer I know I will always be learning.

What I realized is the only thing that makes you a better writer is to keep doing it. Which leads to another part of becoming one of the best writers, to constantly move past your fear of not being good enough.

Getting past the fear of your words being discarded like a dirty tissue paper.

Sharing your draft, posting your article to the public eye and taking that deep breathe preparing for judgment.

Finding yourself going back two days later because you found a mistake that should of been so obvious.

It’s true, after reading my old articles I can literally feel and hear a different voice.

The best writers formed not only their grammatical skill but also found themselves in their words.

Like I said, a point can be proven in a million different ways through a writer.

A voice is one in that million, it’s formed, tweaked along with the writer in their personal evolution.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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