Thoughts create belief, belief creates behavior, behavior creates reality; control your thoughts, control your reality.

People don’t give themselves enough credit for betting on themselves.

For working towards a dream rather than working at 9 to 5 job to make ends meet. The people who dare to dream tend to be pretty humble. Rarely looking themselves in the mirror and saying “your killing it right now”.

Self pep talks is one of my secrets to lasting motivation.

Everyday, whenever I catch a glimpse of myself I let myself know:

You are exactly where you are supposed to be

Everything that is happening is to get you closer to where you desire to be

You are killing it!

I do this because other people don’t see how many hours I put into writing. The amount of strength it takes to push forward when I just want to give up. Only I know my journey inside and out and only I know what my success will mean too me when I make it.

So make sure to always uplift yourself and don’t wait until you have no motivation left.

Do it everyday if you can, remind yourself why your doing what your doing and how sweet the victory will be when you make it.

This is how you program your thoughts, when you program your thoughts to deliver motivation/inspiration you program behavior to keep creating.

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