Life is too short to keep quiet. Life is boring being passive.

1. Nothing got resolved when I was passive

When I allowed people be in my life without my boundaries everything became chaotic.

2. Because it’s more important for me to grow than to help other’s grow

If I’m not growing how will I help other people grow?

3. The biggest source of my pain has been my own failure to speak up

Allowing myself to be unhappy and staying silent about it in order to keep the peace.

4. I love myself

I wouldn’t stay quiet if I say someone i love get treated unfairly so why would I stay quiet if it was myself?

5. Just because I don’t take more than I can give, doesn’t mean everyone else is like that

People will take and take as long as it’s allowed. Not everyone has a six sense or sympathy for those who pour themselves out in benefit of another. Nor is that a bad thing because no one should pour themselves out for love.

6. If I don’t care about my happiness no one will

This is true in all accounts, an individual should be the main advocate and creator of their own happiness.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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