After my series of failed attempts at dating both my fault and other’s. I have finally come to more and more realizations of what I look for in a partner.

What I want in a relationship and the meaning love relationships have in my life.

I believe love is the source of everything, especially personal evolution and growth. However, it is ever more difficult to find someone to grow with because against popular belief.

Not everyone want’s or is willing to grow. Many people, even myself at points in my life, don’t want to step outside of the comfort zone that is required at some point in a relationship.

The point of compromise, effort and understanding one owns limitation of opening up and being vulnerable.

It takes a high level of vulnerability to:

  • Say “I’m wrong” or “I’m sorry”
  • Too allow your mind to be penetrated with new discoveries of what commitment, love and happiness is.
  • Too step into new zones of life like selflessness, giving and taking and balance.
  • Too allow someone so close that the only thing that can stand in your way is your lack of acceptance for yourself.
  • Facing fears like standing up for yourself to tell someone how to make you happy, facing rejection or loving in spite of mistakes.

All of these things and much more arise along the journey of being in a relationship with someone you love. All these things are cross roads of which one “feels right”? “looks right”? and finally which one “is right” for you?

Too my future life partner, I could be with you right now, but I ask that you allow me to grow, stretch and expand until I embody my fullness.

  • I ask that you try to love without fear as I will as well because I have no time to live my life being afraid of what feels good. I want to discover myself in the process of growing and it’s only a plus that I get to do that with you at my side.
  • I ask that when I stand up for myself you see it for exactly what it is. Me loving myself with all my might and making sure I Am still walking on the journey right for me.
  • I ask you don’t ask me to question my sanity or how much I love myself because I won’t dim my light. It will end up with you by yourself again because I trust myself too much to put my happiness aside.
  • I ask that you keep growing in yourself as well.
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