The untimely brutal truth behind the souls that disappear often.

Old friends, lovers, family and previous co-workers have always asked me, “why do you randomly disappear?” It’s not until years later of pondering and more disappearances have I came up with some answers.

  1. I’ve never been attached to anything or anyone. I don’t have that skill of merging my identity with another persons for long. I become it, it becomes me, we learn and I let go.
  2. I’ve never been good at saying good byes. I don’t like to limit myself to “never” statements or make limiting claims on my personality; however, it would be a lie to say I want to be good at good byes. Because I don’t, so don’t expect a huge grand goodbye because it hurts too much.
  3. I’m searching for something I don’t have the words to explain. It’s as if I was born to understand happiness, love, mistakes, trauma and aspects of life most people would rather run away from. I’ve never been a superficial anything and I believe every person/experience is along my journey for a reason.
  4. Nothing is forever and I’m a firm believer in that.
  5. I’m every where all the time, I’m connected too so much in the world that I can’t fight the urge to go explore. I’ve lived my early years in fear and constraint and I’m over it. I always encourage other’s to do the same.
  6. I honestly wish more people had less attachments to external thing’s. I believe if people didn’t try to merge their identities or find themselves in people. We’d have more free and happy people in the world.

I’ve lived on both sides of the spectrum. I have left and been left so I understand both view points, I really do. Yet, I know that denying that time is up in a situation, only hurts everyone involved.

Always act on the truth of your soul, check your intention and move forward too grow.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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