I’ve discovered the entire world wrapped in someone’s soul.
I’ve fallen in love with myself and synonymously tripped and fell for you.

I’ve always wanted to grow with someone I just didn’t know what that entailed. I used to believe growing with someone would make thing’s more comfortable.

I was wrong.

Growing as an individual get’s ugly.

There are moments where your knee deep in your own mud, eyes covered, not sure which way you should step next. It gets dark and gloomy sometimes remarkably confusing trying to figure out who you want to be versus what society, family and friends want you to be.

Growing with someone isn’t any prettier, yes love is a strong force and brings beauty to the ugliest situations.

However, love is also a force that will uproot you to grow. Drag you face to face with the bullshit you’ve created and remove the mask that keeps you comfortably stuck.

Growing with someone is the scariest adventure I’ve ever been through.

To be that vulnerable through therapy, sitting there with all your broken pieces displayed to your partner. Sometimes so weak from healing that all you can give is a simple “I love you.”

Growing with someone is painful, tends to bring breakups and fights.

Certain journeys require walking alone to find the right answers. There are specific questions that need all of your energy and attention to comprehend the answer. I still remember the feeling of me and the love of my life looking in each other’s eyes and knowing we had to split and not knowing if we’d ever find each other again.

Growing sometimes requires you to walk away with the intention of it being permanent.

Because your old self and everything with it must die to be renewed.

However, within all the grit, dirt, darkness and despair of growing with another person. I have to say, the love that is birthed through the process of death is something that words would do injustice too if I tried to explain.

But I’m a writer, and it’s a cop-out not to try, so I’ll manage, it feels like;

Inspiration from all angles.

Creative energy in every direction.

Limitless possibilities.

Acceptance, Peace, Fertility, and Expansion


It all starts the moment you decide to grow as an individual.

Everything that doesn’t align with your personal truth will start to fall away. Including your relationship, if your beliefs around love need to die and be renewed.

Trust the process, that’s all I can say. It won’t be easy, it won’t be pretty but it will all be worth it, and if your lucky enough to have a partner who wants to grow as well then have faith you’ll find each other when the time is right.

Give each other the room to let it all come down.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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