“As a world we are placing our important’s on the wrong thing” — J. Cole

Scroll through Facebook and Instagram, you will find a bunch of ads of how to make money fast, how to double your income, profiles of people flaunting designer clothes, fancy vacation homes, and cars. Even people who claim not to be materialistic follow these profiles, and it influences our goals and what it means to be successful.

Thought patterns based on lack arise as each picture reminds us that there are bigger goals and more experience to be had. Even in articles that claim to be self-help are actually ripe with lack content that only triggers our brain to remember what we have is still not enough. Also though we are apart of the rat race and tirelessly working it feels as if we can’t get ahead.

This rat race is an illusion of satisfaction and happiness.

When does it stop?

It doesn’t, J Cole one of hip hop’s most prominent artists had an interview where he admitted to the world:

“it’s never enough.” “The monetary, the material, even the success and the things you place your importance never can satisfy you, can never make you happy because they never end…there’s no amount of money that will ever make you stop if money is what you care about you will keep going.” — J.Cole

Consumerism works, consumerism runs off of how you much more you think you need. How much more other’s can convince you that you want. Even though it will never be enough to feel satisfied, consumerism is not about satisfaction or emotional contentment it is about running a business, a business that makes a profit off of your lack consciousness.

Stay aware while reading material that claims to pave the way to success. Ask yourself, am I allowing the world to define success for me?
Before believing the profile pictures of people who seem prosperous and happy. Remind yourself it is just a picture, an illusion at the most.

Don’t allow consumerism to overtake your life because what you chase will become you. If you chase material rewards which are empty in emotional contentment, then you will adversely become empty.

Check out J Coles interview below..

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