“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”- Winston Churchill”

I once thought victory was externally measured by the amount of money made, the clothes worn and amount of followers on social media. I used to believe this because it was my only reference to happiness.

It seemed EVERYONE was chasing after more money, more friends or more attention. It was only fitting that I too assumed that this was my role in life, that there were only two places I could possibly fall:

Victory — in creating a world that was worthy of envy.

Failure — not being good enough to obtain this world and being envious of others.

It wasn’t until it was within my grasp, after the hype of achieving this “victory, alone with myself. The promised satisfaction felt empty, emptier than the dream itself. The distraction of the chase was gone and now I was supposed to relish in all the external rewards I “achieved” yet I felt as if I gained only more unanswered questions.

I boldly questioned my motives and beliefs around victory to find that me and many other’s had the wrong view of what this journey called life is about. The external successes of friends, money and attention do not subdue or silence the truest battle which is conquering the self.




  1. an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition.

To be victorious there must be an opponent, for a long time I believed this opponent was other people. However, this is a puerile level of focus compared to the real battle at hand, which was between me and myself.

The inertia present to be your best self, to understand yourself, believe in yourself and get up every day giving your all is more strenuous than convincing others that your important. This is the war of all battles, the conquers of these wars are able to change their reality from the inside out assuming power and authority over themselves and naturally anything or anyone that interacts with their world.

Focusing on the external is only a distraction from what matters the most, focus on;

WHO you are?

WHAT you stand for?

WHERE are you your best and your worst?

HOW do you show up for yourself?

Any other battle besides the one between you and you is infantile if you are committed to being victorious and living your best life. If you haven’t done the digging required to find out what this best life is, what/who are you battling for?

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