Having a purpose to serve other’s has its downsides.

Without warning many healers find themselves in one-sided experiences. Where they are constantly givers, the adhesive to their relationships, and accept this responsibility without consciously being aware.

Many wounded healers have the “I don’t deserve to receive” subconscious complex which plays a vital role in their tendencies to be in one-sided relationships and inadequate emotional experience.

Healers and those who accept the purpose of serving other’s are some of the most humble and forgiving creatures that roam the planet. Unconditionally loving other’s and not expecting enough in return due to assuming that’s what they are supposed to do.

However, this becomes a toxic cycle in the personal lives of these people. Because of the belief that they should take on more of the emotional weight a lot of healers find themselves burnt out and run down by their personal relationships. Emptying their cup before realizing the reality of how unfair the situation is.-

Disregarding their number one responsibility is too themselves.

Personal life is separate from professional and purposeful, personal is the special closeness that should only be experienced with those who are also aware of the importance of an evenhanded give and take.

  • It’s important to STOP and realize it IS NOT YOUR JOB to heal in a sacrifice of yourself.
  • It is not your job to teach someone how to love YOU
  • it is not your job to take the weight of someone else’s unhealed emotional wounds

It’s crucial for every healer to heed this message and start taking care of their personal lives and the emotional world just as much as they do for others.

A healer is ONLY as powerful as he/she heals and maintains themselves.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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