Everyone has their personal “best,” but that is vastly different when compared to any other writer.

The journey of enriching your individual best is begun by:

Deciding wholeheartedly writing is what you want to do.

Writing sounds poetic and tender; however, not every aspect of being a writer has a romantic beauty to it. It takes practice, time and effort to master your personal craft. It takes discipline and facing “no’s” to gain the confidence behind your voice.

Taking the time to get accustomed to the language of writers.

Every writer has a method with their words, there are a million way’s to get one point across and developing this “way” is an essential aspect to becoming your best. The best way to learn is by reading several genre’s, topics, tones, and voices. When writing your own pieces, it will get easier over time to articulate points from mind to paper/screen.


I learned over time that this was the most significant factor between a successful writer and an unsuccessful writer. To keep writing without views, recognition, comments or even rejected submissions takes balls. It takes courage to believe in your work when no one else does. It demands discipline to continue to tweak and master the art of writing.

Self-compassion and honesty.

An overlooked key to becoming a personally successful writer. All art forms are unique to the artist, there isn’t a piece of written material or artwork that isn’t special to its creator. Writing is exceptional especially when the soul and heart of an individual are spread out for other’s to see and possibly judge. It’s important to be compassionate for yourself during these moments of vulnerability and to remember not everyone will agree with you and that’s okay. While finding your personal crowd, you have to be totally honest about how you feel. There is someone out there waiting to hear your side of the story.

Inspire others through honesty, not conformity.
Be authentic always.

Helping each other write better.
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