I have balled up entire notebooks full of paper to throw out because it didn’t feel “enough.”

Until I came up with a better system to not throw away my ideas or old themes of what I wanted to write about.

At the time it seems like a good idea, then you start writing, go back, and it doesn’t sound right.

It could be written better

The point makes no sense

People aren’t going to understand

Whatever the reason is, it is the most common part about being a writer is creating work we are not proud of. I still don’t want that work to go to waste so what I’ve done is create a system called:

“Recycled Perspectives.”

Instead of throwing a point out completely I have a notebook where I chalk up the headline or theme I was trying to get across. I’ll delete the material, and when I’m looking for inspiration for a new article, I’ll read across my old points that didn’t make the cut at the time.

I’ve realized that a lot of times it is the mindset that wasn’t aligned with the point I wanted to make even if the idea was solid. Because moods and feelings are always, I flux it’s hard to always be in a state of flow.

Sometimes beginning to write an article that has depth too it with a tired mindset can create a trash article, even though the point is substantial and meaningful.

So stop throwing out your work, for now, write the point down and go back when you are ready to write and just need the inspiration or “what” to do so.

Helping each other write better.
Posted by:thesilentchange

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