The pursuit of happiness was once the vanguard of my life.

After failed attempts at the “happy life” and epiphanies, I’ve finally cracked the code of what we’re all really searching for:

1. Happiness, is actually, a small futile compared to life’s possibilities.

Happiness is an emotion and like all emotions ultimately fleeting. Just like its cousins; sadness, anger, and sorrow.

To make happiness a goal is to become attached to an inevitably temporary feeling.

“Evolution does not make happiness its goal; it aims simply at evolution and nothing else.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

2. Perspective; understand your current attitude of the world and yourself to apprehend the emotional world being created in daily experiences.

Only then will emotions stop happening “to you” and start “characterizing” you. In the pursuit of happiness many people belittle any feeling besides joy and try to control their emotions through dismissal.

Aloof to the fact that each feeling is produced within each individual, by-products of the current perspective, belief systems and thought patterns held within.

By being mindful of one’s own emotional world and the thoughts that accompany them, one can find insight into their perspective and make the impactful changes he/she wishes to make.

3. Pursuing the perception of happiness creates an ever reaching expectation which will presently blind one from the miracles of life, you will always be chasing.

The goal to be happy is a broad indistinguishable spectrum yet a majority of people have a clear envisioned ideal of what “happiness” is. This envisionment is created in mind, the mind is ONLY capable of drawing from the past, its what you THINK you will create the feeling of happiness.

I’ve realized that to come close to true happiness you must learn to:

Let go gracefully

Be adaptable and allow life to show you what you desire.

Which is hard for human’s whom naturally crave knowing and safety, and without knowing there is no preparation for what negative possibilities could unfold. Without preparation there’s no safety, yet this is the epitome of living in the present, it’s the extraordinary way life.

“The mind loves whatever repeats a pleasurable experience from the past. “I love this” basically means “I love repeating what felt so good before.” — Deepak Chopra

4. Release fear of FEELING.

Again, only in allowance can happiness affect a person.

Every emotion and the thoughts that accompany them are produced by the individual.

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