I’ve read more than a hundred articles on what skills and habits to adopt in order to fulfill my wildest dreams. After all that reading I decided I too wanted to write and move people to become their best selves.

I learned that to influence people to live their best lives through writing you must:

1. Be working your way to your own best experience, so the material is coming from a place of knowledge.

2. Accepting the responsibility of being expected to live up to the articles being written to determine the effectiveness of advice.

Many writers spend hours crafting detailed instructions on kicking habits or creating new patterns for success yet; they still work at the same job they despise, in the same failing relationship, or suffering from paralyzing self-doubt. Not to say you have to be an extraordinary person to help others:

I am speaking about “fake news” the falsity that people will spew for a buck.

All people suffer, all people need help; however, the ones who choose to help other’s and promise readers will find peace within their words should be able to answer the question “why should I listen to you?”.

If you are still at a place in your life where you can’t explain that use writing as motivation to move out of life’s struggles.

I am building myself to be an influencer and writer to help other’s and its become my number one responsibility to live as an example.

Live relevant to the articles I want other people to listen to and only release the message I’ve dared to conquer in my personal life.

I believe if all motivators and influencers held themselves by that standard, to practice what you preach, it would be easier for readers to distinguish what material is worth reading and utilizing in their personal lives.

Writing can be an effective healing tool; creating a source of responsibility and ownership to live by the code you present to others.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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