I realized some of the way’s we all casually take advantage of time and use it against our better judgment. How many hours go wasted and years fly by without substantially forming something. 
So I made a list of the common way’s in which we misspend our time.


Whether it is recreational drug usage, sex, or cigarettes; addictions are the most deteriorating to mental, emotional and physical health. To become an addict an individual has to relinquish the care of building a healthy foundation. Addictions are the emotional and spiritual epitome of letting go and striving to find happiness in “said” chosen addictive.

2. Relationships Absent of Love

I’ve met too many people in my life that remain in loveless relationships.

Where the only thing holding two people together is ego or past attachments. No new love is created, and no new love flows within the individuals, it’s just for the sake of the original “idea” of what can be. 
I can confidently say a majority of people can relate to struggling for a loveless relationship that’s long expired. However, at the moment of realizing that time and love is being wasted, what do we do? Stay and try to keep loving or walk away and reopen the heart to new experiences.

3. Choosing to be Comfortably Stuck

I used to be attached to my ancient system of beliefs surrounding my body, my relationship to the world and the relationship with myself. I was connected because I was too afraid to let go and find a different perspective to embrace that would better assist me in creating the future I dreamt for myself. I was comfortable in the familiarity, and the comfortability inevitably came to bite me in the ass when I realized my life concerns weren’t changing.

For the time being, remaining in my old patterns and habits provided comfort. After a while, and I mean AWHILE, I started to detest the continuation of events in my life and could no longer avoid changing.

After realizing these three common and destructive way’s that time is wasted I also noticed that on Earth that’s really all we have. The most profound moment in my life was what I found after I removed the clutter of fear, doubt, and stubbornness.

I found myself in a room sitting across time and time asked me;

“Now that you are done running away from me, what are you going to do here while we have each other? Because one day I will certainly be gone and at that moment you will have no options or choices at your disposal. So use them now, explore the possibilities now, so when I’m concluded, you are left with the satisfaction that we did all we could do. “

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