Over the years I’ve noticed how hard it is for humans use only objectivity and take a break from relativity.
It’s impossible to map out what constitutes too a perfect relationship because of the substantial level of biases we all have.

Every person has their own set of beliefs surrounding love and relationships, even without realizing it our past examples, significant experiences with same-sex and opposite-sex and level of exposure all encompass what the “perfect” relationship should look like.

Heterosexual relationships are still politically and socially the most popular. It’s not a revelation that there are more heterosexual relationships than there are any other pairings in the world. Within the heterosexual community there are still many living stigmas about the “perfect” relationship.

  1. The pressure that couples should have kids is still tremendous. A recent study was done and revealed that couples who opt out of having kids are viewed to be “immoral”.

In March of 2017 study lead by Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, associate professor of psychology at Indiana University, investigated the biases of the heterosexual couple who opt out of kids. In her study, Ashburn-Nardo questioned 197 college undergraduates to assess their feelings after reading an excerpt describing a male or female with zero or two children.

“What’s remarkable about our findings is the moral outrage participants reported feeling toward a stranger who decides not to have children,” Leslie notes about the data. “Our data suggest that not having children is seen not only as A-typical, or surprising but also as morally wrong.”

Five couples who opt from having kids also spoke about the stigma they face when revealing they have no interest in procreating:

“I’ve been told that I will change my mind one day, or the more sinister, ‘You’ll regret it when you’re old’’. -Sezin Koehler, 37, Florida. 

“Often I get told condescendingly that I will ‘change my mind’ one day. I have also been called ‘selfish’ for not wanting to pursue motherhood”.- Cher Tan, 30, Australia

2. The ideal image of the stay at home mother and working father whom both raise kids to do the same is not as desirable amongst new generations.

Even in couples that want kids, stay at home fathers is becoming more acceptable socially than it was a century ago.

According to Pew Research Center, a survey was done based on fathers ages 18–69 with children younger than 18. The number of stay at home dads has nearly doubled from 1989 1.1 million too 2 million in 2012

Relationships as a whole are not able to be confined to the social “perfect” relations.

Homosexual coupling can be seen all across media nowadays, giving a false outlook that more people are Gay due to the growing acceptability.

  1. Surprisingly, based on data from the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, a nationally representative survey of 5, 865 persons aged 14–94 living in the United States resulted in the following statistics:
  • 4.2% of men who identified as gay
  • 0.9% of women who identified as lesbian
  • – 2.6% of men who identified as bisexual
  • – 3.6% of women who identified as bisexual

It’s certainly possible that the gay community suffers much political pushback due to the belief that homosexuality is more common than it is. In the survey, it is theorized;

“higher estimates of the gay population are associated with less support for equality…estimates of the gay population and attributions for homosexuality have become politicized in the same way gay-related policy issues have become politicized,”.

With that, it is not right that for Homosexual relationships to receive the same legal authority as heterosexual, people have to be assured it’s not as common as the media makes it. I believe any choice made by a citizen of the U.S.A should be revered as publicly authoritative since this is a country “for the people.”

Point being that all relationships have their stigma’s and face sticklers of the “socially acceptable” police. What I find is that neither gay or straight coupling proves to be the “perfect relationship.”

The individual establishes each relationship, and the ability to find love with another is something to be respected.

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