The personal narrative is shared more than it is kept private.

It’s no secret that people like to talk about themselves.

I don’t think there’s personally anything wrong with enjoying conversations about self. That’s why listening is a skill, consideration is also a skill and caring for other’s is a virtue that takes diligent effort and time to build into a personality.

Listening: people think they are when really they have no idea how to listen to another person. The reason behind people who love to hear themselves speak is people are currently obsessed with their personal narrative.

This can be for one of two reasons:

– Their in the midst of changing their personal narrative and need practice hearing themselves manifest their new persona.

– Their personal narrative is so false in comparison with who they are that they take any opportunity to prove to themselves, through persuading other’s, who they are. They also call these people narcissists; however, this is way more common than the small group of narcissists.

We are a culture obsessed with self-improvement right now, and obsession causes people to become tunneled vision. Assuming that new found information is “new” when in actuality it’s been lingering around since the 90’s.

For example, the New Age movement, many twenty-somethings believe mankind is on an upswing because of this knowledge being revealed from the New Age. Because of spiritual contact, because people are more “connected” than they were beforehand.

This is just not the truth, again obsession can cause tunnel vision and completely block out the obvious fact that mankind has been on the same upswing since the Hippie movement. They too had tarot card spreads, witches and new age spiritualism was ripe and taking over.

So why do people love talking about their selves?

Because we are solely focused on ourselves. Whether admitted or not, it’s apparent that people are much more focused on themselves than others. It shows when streams of hate comments are on a Facebook post just because it offended someone. Or when someone posts the intimate details about their personal relationships for others to see.

The need for validation, too be heard, also be connected, and because we’re all aware of how great we are and how exceptional we should feel.
Millennials can’t possibly accept that our feelings and opinions don’t matter to everyone, it means everything to us.

To be honest, I love my generation for its level of selfishness, it’s crude humor and lack of appreciation for past down knowledge. Millennials have a way of taking what once was and revamping it and saying we were the generation to create it. Amongst that millennials here’s what else we have been branded for:

  • We are the self-absorbed people who will call up a Starbucks for screwing up our coffee #firstworld

  • The ones who have a string of dead-end relationships because no one’s willing to compromise their self, time or make it a priority to make someone happy other than themselves.
  • The ones who work two jobs, a side hustle, and a creative social media feed because we’re all about finding new doors to making more money.
  • The ones who signed our credit away and in heaps of debt in the name of making dreams come true.
  • And…some of the coolest intellectuals that read, drink coffee, wear huge -sweaters, smoke pot and read.

A lot of people and older generation despise the millennials for their lack of consideration.

However, I think the kind of consideration this generation has is just different from others.

It’s an age that forces you to be yourself because you have no other choice, be loud or be silenced, be seen or be forgotten.

We’re just a bunch of self loving, money focused, self-improving obsessed culture searching for happiness in all the right places.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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