The strangest of people can teach us a whole lot.

There’s this guy at my local Starbucks whom:

Walks in precisely at 6 am

Walks past the barista and ordering counter.

Takes a sharp right.

Punches the code to use the bathroom and in 15 minutes comes out to speak to the manager about to complain

He orders nothing, never does.

But everyday without fail he will find something about the Starbucks bathroom on 11 Dorrance street in the city of Providence,RI to complain about at 6:15.

I eventually learned he does this to six different establishments within the area. He has a route that he follows, going from bathroom to bathroom to pick out something that disinterested him and lets the manager know in the most condescending way.

What’s the point I’m trying to make?

I live my life believing everything has a message. Anything that catches my eye always has something big or small, existential or basic, too teach me. This guy right here exemplified some damn good determination.

What ever his motive is I’m intrigued.

Everyone is to damn intimidated to ask him “why do you go to every flipping bathroom in a miles radius and do this?”

The intimidation probably comes from his unquestionable confidence to do such things:

Determination that surpasses doubt and leaves people astounded saying to each other “did he just do that”.

Where people just have to step aside and let him do what he must do because his aura speaks “I’m here for a reason now move”.

Determination that makes the faintest of hearts doubt themselves.

His motives are hidden yet his purpose for each visit, even though it’s as simple as checking an establishments bathroom to make sure its up to par, It’s still a purpose.

Unsupported and actually disliked by many yet he still shows up at 6am with a list of bullshit at 6:15am and we all know there is nothing we can do about it.

What do you think about that?

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