How did we find ourselves here? Why are we still here? and how the f*ck do we move past racism as a society?

We’re Not Done Yet.

Niecy Nash placed soft core lighting on what it is like to be a black person in America. With her humorous vibes, she sympathetically asks all white people: Please stop calling the cops on us for no reason, there are other steps we can take here. Pointing out humorously and very unfunny issue in America.

It is essential to shed awareness that we are facing the subconscious remnants of Jim Crow laws. Many people believe racism is no more and black people are still upset about what happened years ago.

However, people of ALL races need to consider the mental scars racism has left on all.

1. The criminalization of black people is still very much a part of the American experience.

The documentary on Netflix “13th” directed by Ava DuVernay, analyzes the 13th amendment and clarifies that there are menevolent plans to keep black American’s as far away from empowerment as possible.

“So many aspects of the old Jim Crow are suddenly legal again once you’ve been branded a felon. And so it seems that in America we haven’t ended racial caste, but simply redesigned it.” — Michelle Alexander

“If you dismiss black complaints of mistreatment by police as being completely rooted in our modern context then you’re missing the point completely. There has never been a period in our history where the law and order branch of the state has not operated against the freedoms, the liberties, the options, the choices that have been available to the black community, generally speaking.” — Kevin Gannon

Ladies and gentleman, we are not out of the woods just yet, if anything, nothing has changed since Jim Crow. The media pays close attention to what stays hidden about the black experience in America, and that is why so many people are not aware of the level of everyday racism American citizen’s face. Like the belief that one black friend will eradicate any possibility of racism… think about it.

2. Nature Versus Nurture

Subconscious belief influences entire generations, it’s proven through epigenetic’s that traumatic experiences and core beliefs are passed down through DNA.

Nature — is the DNA engrained beliefs and traumatic racial experience our ancestors carry and pass down.

Nurture — is coming from the media that pushes messages like fearing black people, criminalizing black people and how incapable black people are to live civil lives amongst fellow races. Overtly creating a highly possible environment for the DNA engrained racist beliefs, behavior, and emotions to be triggered and expressed.

That is not saying people are born racist, people are born and nurtured in society to be racist and this time, without even being aware of it.

3. Personal Beliefs Unknowingly Held

What follows after “I AM” details what behavior is to come of that. 
For example,

“I AM…afraid of black people”

seems absurd when first heard by someone who holds this belief. These people tend to justify the phone calls to the police that a black man is walking around in their community. This fear blinds the thought that “maybe this black man lives here” and instead harassment, interrogation and assuming authority over property ensues.

Case and point Hilary Brooke Mueller who harassed Mr. Toles a 24-year-old black man because she did not believe he lived in her apartment complex because of his skin color, because of her fear.

“ I AM…afraid of white people”

also seems absurd and causes much denial yet is truer than any other statement in America. Blame it on the media, blame it on white people or blame it on the personal experience of any minority race in America. The belief has turned into the repression of anger because minority races are not privileged “enough” to express how they feel outwardly, or they would be adding to expected criminalized behavior.

When a group of white people comes together to get the point across it is showcased on the media as “peaceful advocates.” When a group of minorities comes together protesting against police brutality it headlines as “riots” “disruption of peace” and cars are racing down the street to hit people, cops are pulling out guns.


4. The Media

The paper trail continues to lead back to the media and how society continues to play a part in what roles white American’s and black American’s play.

Black women are presented as emotionally and mentally illiterate, that they only know how to use their hands to communicate.

Exploiting poor communities, but the media keeps quiet about the white people who are growing up right alongside black people in the projects and are just as illiterate.

It is not a racial stereotype, it is poverty in education, and financial resources.

Unfortunately, illiteracy is dominated and defined by black people.

Subconscious Warfare

Our generation needs to realize that in order to move past all these lies it is imperative to question it ALL.

Racism is now subconscious warfare, fed to the population through music, news, movies and more, constantly. Without being aware it is easy to believe that racism does not exist anymore that it is old-time news and we should get over it and move on which sounds nice.

It does sound like the right side of this battle is to stop giving racism any attention and with the power of belief move past it. Cool, but that is not stopping police brutality, it is not stopping Hilary Brooke Mueller from harassing Mr. Toles and it damn sure isn’t saving the lives of innocent black men from going to jail and breaking up families.

What will stop it?

When the hard work from every race of facing personal racist beliefs and triggers we ALL have so that the next generation is not brooded into hate unknowingly. It is the same as holding beliefs about not being worthy enough, how sneaky that belief can live within an individual and how much destruction it can cause.

Question it all, more importantly, question yourself; your thoughts, triggers, and emotional reactions.

The only way out of this is self-awareness and combatting the subconscious belief that skin color determines intelligence level, capabilities or whatever bullshit the media says that makes one race feel more superior than the other.

Because whether people like it or not black people will continue to climb, continue to fight, and learn how to maneuver in this world.

All races are coming together understanding that in order to win this war that’s plagued humankind we need to embrace one another and stop pretending inequality does not exist.

That is truth…so be honest with yourself and other’s.

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