Is this world ready for everyone to love their raw selves?

Because I AM tired of a society that labels people with personality disorders as if that encompasses the complexity of human emotions and/or my identity.

Real — being honest with society.

Authentic — being honest with yourself.

Raw — the unhealed, healed, damaged, secret aspects of you front and center living presently and growing.

Rawness requires character grit.

There is no filtering in someone’s raw character, they incorporate their pain, sacrifices and healing journey into one person.

Everyone has this aspect of themselves, it’s the reaction to this side that dictates the level of rawness allowed to flow through an individuals life.

Anxiety — I believe is when an individuals emotional rawness is too much for to consciously handle. The REAL worries, compulsion and thoughts are apart of that raw emotional nature it comes down like a waterfall from being repressed and kept at bay. The shaking, crying, fear and tirelessly trying to calm down is the reaction to that rawness.

Depression — Another common reaction when the truths is too heavy to carry. When this rawness aspect feels unworthy to be loved. An individual can become sickened with guilt and despair unsure of how to carry on with the weight.

Narcissism — incapable of accepting ones raw nature, instead covering it up with someone more “acceptable” to society. Becoming so focused on believing this false self that any measure will be taken to assure the distance from rawness. The mask a narcissist wears is reflective of the environment they are used to(raised in).

What if nothing is wrong with us, what if these personality disorder classification’s are just that. English word classifications to define something undefinable. Think about how quickly it takes to diagnose depression, anxiety or narcissism.

Search a quiz online and I guarantee you can find out if you have a personality disorder in less than five minutes. It makes sense that it’s popular belief that more than half the population has either depression or anxiety. Especially when everything and everyone is trying to diagnose mental disorders, which are starting to be taken on like an identity.

A culture obsessed with mental health because too many people are becoming increasingly unhappy.

As a society we must not forget that just because it was published by a psychologist, therapist or someone that claims to have it all. It doesn’t make it anymore correct and any thing less than a theory. Mental health is personal, healing is personal, and all comes down to accepting oneself as he/she is.

I’m not ruling out the need for specialists and doctor’s but I am saying that the power of influence over ones mind should never be given over. The power of owning “I HAVE DEPRESSION” or “I AM DEPRESSED” is not as freeing as some think, it can actually cause the very same prison to become smaller.

Because the brain works to achieve this reality of having depression.

Every single aspect of an individual deserves love from it’s owner.

I can’t stress it enough how freeing it is to realize how amazing you are at the nakedness of your being.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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