We point out similarities because we think it means connection, we point out differences because we think it means we can judge. It’s a lose, lose situation because neither assumption is true.

I don’t think anyone has anything in common with the next person. You and another person can like reading but the WHY will be different. At the bottom, nitty gritty of anything you think you have in common you will find a difference. The path of how they arrived to that perspective, belief or hobby is different than yours, making it a difference in the end.

Even in a group of “women” that’s just a gender classification, again a category context to divide one from the other. However, you put two “women” side by side and they have nothing in common; their personal values of being a women, their lady bits and their feminine experience.

Living with the perspective that no one is like me provides me a platform to not expect approval. This societal phenomena aching for approval is a sickness, it causes people to marginalize themselves, to dim their light enough and subconsciously desire to be the same as everyone else. It starts in childhood when we’re taught to fit in, be quiet and obey. The fear of punishment turns into a constant desire to fit in, to fade into the back drop, to be seen not heard.

If I’m too different than the people around me I’ll stand out, I’ll be in a party of myself. I will rob myself of the experience of being approved by another.

I write this after a mentally frustrating morning thinking about when enough is enough. When do “we” get tired of being a part of the finding external happiness and love race. In my mental anguish of asking myself various questions, I buried down too one particular thought, enough is enough when you call it quits.

When you are able to remove yourself from the mental groups and categories. When you no longer care how comfortable people feel about WHO you are and be all of you unapologetically. When you stop looking for similarities and become enticed by differences. I don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of ME’s.

At this point in my life I’d rather my belief be challenged too grow.

My perspectives be tested to find awakening.

My beliefs be garnished to find truth.

That growth is ONLY possible when you stop trying to find ACCEPTANCE and SIMILARITY as a way to make you feel better about being YOU. Instead you find satisfaction in being the only YOU, all by your damn self in a world where there will never be another YOU to tell you if your doing it right.

Be you because it’s honestly the only thing you can do, shrug, put on that outfit that screams your name and go strut. Some people will not be able to handle your light because their too busy focusing on fitting in. Other’s will gleam towards you for inspiration and watch your real friends/lovers shine their light alongside you, all different colors, looking like a f*ckin disco ball.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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