I hope more than anything that man doesn’t lose it’s freedom to be imperfect.

It took me awhile to watch Netflix’s new show Maniac directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. It wasn’t until I was bored, with a glass of wine and too tired to scroll through social media or that I decided to flick on the television.

These are usually the times I find the best shows.

Adbuddy, a program where you earn money by being a proxy of someone’s friend, family and my favorite, replacement husband/father. In this “fictitious” world, Ad Buddy is offered like Uber delivery for emotional connections and the proxy has to read sentimental material to make the interaction as real as possible.

The human need too feel belonged is exploited here and money is made based on that need being fulfilled. Money is also made me agreeing to constant face to face advertisement.


I resonated immediately with this world CUE Social media and wonder for these reason’s whether Maniac is actually a warning of what’s to come.

  • Just so happens I am a fan of scrolling through instagram or watching stories on snap chat daily. I now ask myself am I a part of what’s turning out to be one of the most loneliest times in history?
  • The common way people communicate in this show is through telling adventurous entertaining stories about themselves. The need to impress is so great it seems the individual is trying to receive approval. Is this pointing to how we decide whether to follow a page, click “friend” on Facebook or double tap for hearts?
  • Keeping “ugly” emotions from view. Not expressing anger, sadness or frustration by any means necessary. Main character Owen is something of an outcast in this society simply because he can’t stop being honest to his emotions. In one scene his brother threatens to exploit his personal emotions as a way of keeping him quiet.
  • The lack of emotional intelligence, various characters are asked “how do you feel?” and answer in verbs and nouns as if they don’t have the experience to answer those questions. As if they were never asked : “how do you feel?” people seem like easily influenced robots. Wishing for emotional connection yet incapacitated to relate or understand emotions.

Real people, human nature is not always aesthetically pleasing put together. It’s messy, raw, uncomfortable and sometimes down right offensive and I love it. I hope more than anything that man doesn’t lose it’s freedom to be imperfect.

If our social media pages projected who we really are it might scare some people away. Thank goodness too the power of portraying whom ever you like through social media right?

Portraying the perfect friend/lover/businessman, the perfect mask. Essentially commercializing oneself as the perfect proxy.

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