I was a practicing Christian for years, went on missionary trips, attended weekly events and was on my way to become a teacher of Christ. Until Islam sparked my interest and I went on to study the Koran and almost converted; however, I wanted more.

I was going from belief to belief in search of internal peace and knowing myself. That’s when I heard the bells of New Age spiritualism.

“A religion that is small enough for us to understand would not be large enough for our needs.” — Grenville Kleiser

I learned about the ego, chakras, crystals, became a tarot card reader and avidly watched other readers every day. During my journey through New Age I started studying behavioral and subconscious psychology also known as shadow work.

This mix of science and spirit help me discover a stream of intellect I could trust. Because I remained cautious when it came to anything claiming to be “spiritual” I was able to bypass the temptation of being delusional and getting lost in a “spirit” world. I stayed present and in control of my healing and made sure “I” was defining WHO I AM.

It is imperative that during a spiritually lead healing journey an individual questions every thing that is taught because human belief is billion dollar machine. Constantly turning good hearted people into slaves to their own desolation. It’s a thirst that is never quenched.

It was never about belonging to a group or following a trend for me. My motivation was too find God within myself, to understand love and heal the world. I knew this healing power was within me not outside of me.

I noticed in spiritual/religious groups this coexistence of ego-ic beliefs along with loving/accepting beliefs.

  • Non-believers in Christianity are being controlled by darker forces or blinded by the devil.
  • Non-believers in New Age are “asleep” or “sheep” that don’t realize they are being controlled.

It seemed “believers” willingly played into the holier than thou and create, yet again, another reality loop of needing to feel “better than” to feel adequate. Rarely being able to get to the root that they needed to heal this inadequacy in order to gain the peace they’re tirelessly searching for.

It should be about transcending to a higher state of being, focused on love and ACCEPTANCE. The idea that anyone is better than the other needs to be done away with.

Internal peace and knowing God is not for a select few it’s for every single person. Because I have no religious affiliation I look at the person sitting next to me as my brother/sister and I imagine a world where we all knew ourselves enough to share our true selves with the world. That our internal cup of love was full to the brim so we could share love with others.

If we realized that the differences between us is what should be celebrated.

In a positive light, we are all still learning, we’re still babes on the journey of understanding God/source/universe/Gaia and just like babes we are slowly being stripped from our ignorance. In all my journeys of beliefs I have found we all want the same thing, at the heart of the matter, even among the greed, we want love, acceptance and belonging.

We just don’t realize that the path is right there, it’s open to us all, it’s up to you too define.

Not through only a religion or an organization feeding you that your better or more powerful than others. It’s found through the vulnerability of discovering yourself and discovering where love hides in your heart, that is where God/source/universe/Gaia is hiding.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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