Media is making introversion the new “trend”. More and more meme’s are popping up about how introverts relish in canceled plans or running away from socializing and people couldn’t have it more backwards.

  1. Not every introvert hates people, extroverts and introverts can hate being around people. Being an introvert just mean’s in order to recharge and regain the energy spent on daily activities its best done in solitude.
  2. Not every introvert is depressed, over eating or being lazy when alone. It’s the simple fact of not having to share my energy for the time being while going to the movies, meditating or going for a walk. The process to recharge isn’t synonymous to laziness.
  3. Not all introverts are bad at relationships, a lot of introverts are empaths making it easy for them to know what their partners are feeling. As long as both parties understand that the introvert partner requires time alone then relationships can be a breeze just like any other.
  4. Not all introverts are prone to depression. I used to think it was abnormal to crave solitude or be alone when processing something emotionally impactful thinking it was signs of depression. However, choosing solitude for the purposeful intent of taking care of oneself is the opposite of depression.
  5. Introverts are some of the most laid back, accepting and easy going people when we are recharged and healthy to give of ourselves. I’ve met some talkative and spontaneous introverts, introversion is way energy is regained not a specific personality type of aloneness.
  6. Not all introverts like plans being canceled, sometimes it take a day or so to build up the energy to go out. So when plans are canceled it can be just as much of a bummer to us as the next person.

Just saying..

Posted by:thesilentchange

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