Notre Dame and 73 other religiously affiliated institutions come together with the Trump administration to deny women birth control. The proposed regulation removes the requirement that family planning services be medically approved and points to natural family planning which entails; period tracking, abstinence, and condoms because religious institutions feel medically insuring these services violate their religious beliefs.

Religious organizations have been able to opt out of insuring contraceptive; however, the Obama administration found a way to still insure individuals by working with the third-party administration or insurance company.
Notre Dame was not happy and strikes back by snatching the control and completely removing coverage.

What makes it sketchy is that it was all done in secret.

Affordable Care Act has protected many women’s right to choose which preventative care and birth control is best for them. As well as Title X signed into law 1970, federal grant program providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and preventative health services.

So why do I, a citizen of America

Find myself, again, feeling as though the choice of contraceptive are in the hands of religious affiliates and the government?

For these reasons :

1. From the back door policies being signed into house without the input of the millions of women that will be affected.

2. Mike Pence has already made it known his ultimate goal is to remove abortion’s/planned parenthood from America’s culture. “We will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America for ourselves and our posterity”, Pence said at March for Life. Obviously only taking his personal opinion into account when it comes to “restoring a culture of life in America” because he damn sure didn’t ask me.

3. The threat of denying preventative services and family planning for low-income women will cause an immediate rise in teen pregnancies. Over population in public schools, kids raising kids and starting from the bottom to control teen pregnancy.

4. The unforgivable wool being pulled over the eye’s of female students at Notre Dame whom thought their right to choose was protected. Makes me question what else is going unseen.

Are we facing a time as women where we again have to explain why we deserve to right to choose what is right/wrong for our bodies?

I would not personally have an abortion and I believe it is imperative to take contraceptive measures to not get pregnant. It is due too Planned Parenthood and Affordable Care Act that women are able to take control of their sexual health and create comfortable measures for themselves.

This proposed legislation of removing coverage for contraception based on religious beliefs is ridiculous, it is no one’s choice what a woman should do with her own body.

No one has ever been able to control the choices and actions of another, it is the essence of “free will” which is pointed out in the Bible as a natural right for every person on Earth.

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