Everything from trauma, belief systems, addictions and behavioral patterns are passed down into our DNA. So how do we split away from the luck of the draw and create a new generation with a better fundamental foundation.

Nature versus nurture

Nature is what is hereditarily past down and becomes a core part of that individuals being. Causing a lot of confusion when one tries to split away from what is generational, it’s as if a curse is laid on the families that have high trauma levels. Each child is given the DNA matched to these distinct negative experiences unless nurtured out of it which is a rare case scenario. Because most parents unknowingly nurture these DNA traits of fear, depression and anxiety, to express themselves.

In a personal account the women in my family suffered incestual rape, molestation and physical abuse from my great grandfather. This left the women in my family scared very deeply and I was naturally born with high cortisol levels leading into anxiety and severe depression throughout my adolescent and teenage years.

However, I wanted more out of life, I didn’t believe this could be it and I took it upon myself to studying epigenetic’s and behavioral psychology. I went started buying books from renowned psychologists, at the time not being able to afford college and taught myself how to change from the inside out.

You can’t combat your nature, your DNA is what it is but you can change and transform the expression of this DNA and in most cases completely turn off the expression putting the choice of phenotype into your hands.

This requires diligence and determination because you must now remove your nurtured material and replace it with what you’d desire.

It also takes a level of extreme belief in the power of self.

Subconscious Work A.K.A Shadow Work

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” — Earl Nightingale

This is where to begin nurture removal processes, in your subconscious there are files on various aspects of life and core belief systems. Finances, love, self, family, sex etc. your behaviors are primarily determined from this area as it is the area deemed to know and understand the world. Without consciously being aware of it you give the upmost trust to your subconscious to create the reality you desire.

However, your subconscious has been assembled through the various experiences negative and positive in your child hood. Heavily impacted between the ages of infancy too eight years of age. So if you were already born (nature) with the genealogy of depression, anxiety, trauma etc. then witnessed (nurture) depression, trauma etc. Your DNA will be supported and your phenotype (expression) will be that of someone who suffers with depression, anxiety and trauma related belief systems.

A lot of the “holes” or “lack” mind set comes from subconscious beliefs of not being enough or not being deserving even though. As adults we can’t find any factual evidence of believing this. That is because as an adult you did not create these beliefs, these beliefs were created in childhood. So expect many if not all core beliefs to sound similar to a lonely, abandoned child.

How to remove false belief systems and upgrade the subconscious file system

  • Become more aware of your behaviors and write out your self sabotaging tendencies in love, money, self care and sex. This includes thought patterns as well = thoughts influence our feelings — emotions — mood — personality — behavior
  • You will begin to find a theme linking between your parents and your behavior. This is nurture and natures beautiful system taking place in your life.
  • Write out the core belief systems by being honest with why you don’t live the life you desire? What prevents you from attaining internal peace?
  • The goal of healing is to merge your conscious mind (present) with your subconscious mind (past) in order to gain control of choosing what you invest your energy into (present).
  • If you have any sort of a relationship with your parents this is a great time to get to know them as individuals. Accept the similarities in order to heal them and change them.
  • Practice extreme self belief and empowerment. You won’t meet many people who are changing their genetic expression…at least it’s not a common. You may find yourself being your only support system when you begin changing. The reward in the end will be a peace of mind and gaining the control of your energy again. Being able to manifest and choose the reality you desire.

“Self-sabotage is like a game of mental tug-of-war. it is the conscious mind versus the subconscious mind where the subconscious mind always eventually wins.” — Bo Bennett (American Businessman)

There comes a time on this journey where you will NEED a professional to guide you through the healing process. The main reason is because now that you are opening up your personal manual to life you want to make sure you are removing and replacing what is necessary to attain happiness.

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