I’ve been writing for two years now and blogging consistently for one year.

I’d have to say becoming a freelance writer is a profession that will test your mental strength and question “how bad do you want it?” every single day.

To get up in the morning see no views on your articles and continue to pump out content requires near delusional faith. However, hard work surpasses talent any day and even though today I woke up tempted to not write a single article I reminded myself :

What would giving up do?

What would I gain if I gave up writing and settled to work at a job I hate just because it’s proven results in shorter amount of time. Although yes, it takes a shorter amount of time to make money at an hourly job, it has yet to take place for the burning desire I have to push content out to the world. To bring my thoughts to paper/internet and hope for a comment or two. Too make a connection with the world and hopefully push someone to be as delusional as I am and go after their wildest dreams.

So I didn’t give up today

And I won’t give up tomorrow

I’m happier dealing with the everyday problems of getting up and reminding myself to write, the enticing feeling of pushing ahead even when there is no proof of “success”. I choose that over giving up any day so I will sit here tonight enjoy my mac and cheese from Panera and feel at peace knowing today wasn’t able to stop me.

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