A few personal sentences about restarting in love.


We can never go back to what once was but we can show up to the present with a new sense of self.

It’s impossible to go back in time and erase the hurtful words and behavior but it is possible to make a silent farewell to that sabotaging aspect of myself.

There isn’t enough words to explain the past away but there is more than enough to bring a new love to life.

I couldn’t go back and teach myself all the mishaps I was making. Nor could I pick out the toxic behavior at that time but I can put my energy into becoming a better person.

I could never bring back the dreams that died but I can breathe life into newer and bigger dreams now that I AM an embodiment of love.

I AM not proud of who I once was, how I hurt my beloved but I AM smitten with admiration of who I have become and support myself in every step of self improvement.

Could we make thing’s right this time? Could we take a moment to realize the unconditional love that has only grown over time?

Do we realize that it has never been how we feel about one another but how we were programmed to react to those feelings? How about making a promise as individuals to be our best selves and refuse toxicity by any measure.

In order to restart in love we must first restart in self.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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