Here’s a few thing’s I’ve had enough of in my life.


1. Thought patterns that limit my progress in making money and making love. I am exhausted of playing the “safe” game, staying within the realms of what I know because I’m too scared to reach for what I’ve never had.


2. Not taking care of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vehicles.


3. Using the excuse “I’m human” as an excuse to hurt myself or other’s. Whether that’s in self deception, lying, or simply not living with intention. The human experience is fulfilled, at its best, with spiritual, mental, and emotional expansion being a top priority. Being human is only a reference to what is physically seen. Im tired of clinging to the physical and remaining in a dense living space, the possibilities are endless.


4. Relationships, friendships and family dynamics that are hurtful and draining. Enough with putting energy into situations out of guilt and sacrificing my valuable energy for the benefit of other’s.

Enough is enough.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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