I have renewed ability to love someone after learning the love I’ve sought after from myself. Here are the new meanings LOVE has taken on in my life, some beautiful pieces of wisdom that I give to myself and now able to give to others.

When I say I love you : I appreciate that you’ve shared yourself with me, I appreciate the vulnerability you’ve shown by telling me stories of where you’ve been and where your going.

When I say I love you : I accept who you are and what you’ve expressed too me. You may see flaws but know that I see a perfected essence of YOU and I would love if you were able to see the worthiness in every part of you.

When I say I love you : I’m intrigued by your story and want to fall into the spaces meant for me. Whether that means only knowing you for a few months or knowing you for years, I will still support you in your journey to fulfill your dreams.

When I say I love you : your smile lights up my heart, your touch ignites my skin and the sound of your voice makes my ear lobes tremble (if that’s possible).

When I say I love you : I never want to see you be anything but your unapologetic self because you deserve to be all that you are, all the time. If at anytime your wearing a mask I can’t help but ask you why? Because in my eyes you are perfect.

When I say I love you : I want you to feel the freedom you have when it comes to my love. My love has no time, place or constrictions because it just is, as the clouds move and rain falls. My love just is, go where you are taken and live your life as free as you can. Just promise too never settle for anyone or anything that doesn’t bring out your best self.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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