Just like any relationship, the relationship with our self has its up’s and down’s. One month our esteem is at an all time high and other months it is anxiously low.

It is completely normal to fall in and out of love with yourself and your body. Self love is not about reaching a constant state of love and appreciation.

This is an unrealistic expectation to have on oneself because human emotions and our environment are continuously fluctuating. In order to stay in an elated state, a level of control that risks depletion of energy, deprivation of being present and refusing to feel our emotions is required. Essentially, it would cause someone to become delusional to strive for an elated state 24/7.

The love between the self is a culmination of; accepted painful and good memories, forgiven inappropriate behaviors, release of judgment and loving awareness.

For a moment, let’s not allow instagram posts and facebook status’s to tell us what self love looks like. Because even though it sounds easy enough to run a beautiful bath and have unconditional love bestow it’s powerful energy on us from the ceiling of our bathroom, it’s highly unlikely.

Let’s, instead, have a conversation with ourselves. Whether face to face in a mirror or laying bed and simply ask:

What do you need?

You will be surprised to find that after a period of time, there will be a few things you may need from yourself:






Healthier food


It is this aspect of human nature that needs the most acceptance, the vulnerability of expressing unmet needs.

This is the one of the primary forms of self love that I’ve found most beneficial and empowering because I’m giving myself the room and freedom to give myself what I need.

Crown yourself.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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