Did generations before us feel like they were going crazy before huge shifts were made?

In the midst of millennial’s changing the world, there are so many philosophies of life being questioned and sometimes thrown away altogether.

From the food pyramid changing to our government’s antics become more and more unreal by the hour. I can’t help but wonder if later generations felt like they were losing it with all this change taking place. When the industrialization era began did citizens feel like the world was losing grip on “reality”? When homosexual marriages became legal did some of the population assume the world is now doomed?

Today the internet will provide you with millions of opinions “proof” and “studies” that fit every bias you could dream of. We live in a world that is becoming self-defined, whatever you like and however, you want it.

For some of us, especially many in older generations this new found freedom is terrifying. Because for centuries beforehand the population has been controlled through the government, religion or societies expectations.

Deep down people still believe it’s easier when everything is controlled and decided for us. With the illusion of control being released the population is coming to the understanding that we were never imprisoned emotionally, mentally or physically. Every single one of us is slowly taking responsibility in our own way to change the future.

People are rioting, changing their lifestyle, moving far away and searching for deeper meaning more than ever nowadays. With all these new found belief systems and limitless knowledge, finding a foundation to build the adult life/lineage off of is equivalent to walking through a bookstore hoping to find your next favorite novel.

This freedom has been sought after and suffered for.

It can be used to empower ourselves and other’s, to stand against injustice and to integrate better beliefs and change the world.

“Use it wisely” — Freedom

Be True To You

Posted by:thesilentchange

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