Due to the many planetary retrogrades, I’ve been thinking about my past actions and how they have placed me here. How can I make more aligned decisions without the cloudy interference of confusion and doubt.

This pivotal moment in my life caused me to board a plane to Hawaii and set out on a self development experience. Where as most adults my age are knee deep in their careers wondering about starting a family. I instead turned my back on the comfort of societal success and decided to take the road less travel and live through my soul.

A lot of observers assume when people do this, those people are born missing a need to be socially recognize. Which is far from the truth because we were all raised being conditioned to chase external validation, “success” and bits and pieces from the “American dream”. In fact, those who choose to follow their soul go through a period of fear and resistance because they are losing that taught identity.

After going through a horrendous period of trying to continue a job I hated and stay in contact with friends that drained me i FINALLY moved and unknowingly began learning how to live from the self-love perspective.

After moving here all my problems and old patterns returned but with new people, environment and healthier perspective. What I realized was my judgment system of what I should spend my energy on and what I shouldn’t was off. I was still subconsciously chasing the “a dream” the physicality mattered much more than the heart satisfaction.

I noticed that in search of learning how to love myself that I needed to start spending energy on the things that defined self love and build it. When something is off balance it simply comes a part you notice in other areas of your life more unbalance. It is crucial to balance into all aspects of your life in order to walk in your truth; however, many people do not walk in their truth and learned to live in a unbalances life. It’s reversing those old methods of approach and choices that realign you back to heart centered living.

Cutting off the people that cause toxicity due to the lack of love for themselves. Because I give care and love to others I see that my emotional energy deserves a valuable exchange.

Eating the foods and treating my body as if I love it ALL THE TIME. Learning how to accept the “flaws” in my appearance and working hard on my self image made putting in the action an even exchange of body love.

Not placing myself in thought patterns or emotional patterns that are destructive rather than constructive. Mental energy is valuable energy, using it to destroy yourself is an act of unkindness.

Decisions didn’t magically become easier but now I understand that it’s more about believing you deserve love rather than proving to everyone else you deserve it. That all situations and people are there to show you the wounds needing healing so you can have what you desire. It’s just following that feeling and letting it show you something new.

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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