We all deserve love.

We all deserve to be cared for by another.

What no one deserves, is to heal their heart then allow it to be broken by someone who hasn’t chosen to heal. Hurt people, hurt people, and the sooner we realize this truth the less time we will waste trying to love those who are busy hurting themselves.

Hurt people, hurt people not because they don’t love their partner. Actually, most of the time it’s the person they love the most that they hurt the most. It’s a simple fact that those who are broken have not made the conscious decision to release and heal.

It comes down to every individual’s responsibility to fill in the holes that were caused by past trauma. Until those holes are repaired they will remain and as long as they remain no matter how much love a person gives and pours those holes will surely leak it out.

So why do healed hearts find themselves broken once again?

Some hold a strange belief that because we are healed we are able to heal the broken and in doing so we fall in love. Not with the person but with the idea of how someone will be once they are healed. We pour our everything into this illusionary person just waiting for the day they wake up and realize how worthy they are of a balanced relationship. Waiting for when they are able to return the same care, support, and love.

The reality of the situation is we pour ourselves and accept the sorry’s in return, we pour and turn a blind eye to the pain of an unbalanced relationship and over time the holes once healed snap open due to whithering boundaries.

Now two broken people are in a relationship and as I said in the beginning, hurt people, hurt people and the cycle of toxicity begins.

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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