It’s there.

Lingering in the corner of your soul. The light in the darkness. The flower in the field of sand. The green grass on the other side of the fence.

Your true potential. It’s so close. But the very short distance between you and your real heart is blocked off by so many barriers, it feels impossible to reach. 
You feel love, but you can’t experience what truly means.

You worked so hard to recover from the pain you’re passed drowned you in, your afraid that if this one last time, you took that leap of faith, allowed your heart to crack open and spill its contents, it will go black.

That fear is not real. That fear is a virus. That fear is what makes your heart stop beating.

Let that crack drip, then let it flood. Love is the healing component of the universe. Love is what frees our minds, fuels our creativity, allows us to be uniquely ourselves. If you master the art of unconditional love, you master the art of your existence.

Fear is the boogie man under the bed. Love is the teddy bear that rescues you in your dreams.

You are love.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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