If you need something motivational to get you pushing, you came to the right place.

It’s time to move out of your way.

Realize that everything that is happening right now has a tie to a choice that was once made. Whether your dealing with the reprecussions or currently sitting in the shit you started it’s time we have a little chat to get you going.

1. Responsibility

Here you are, no more wondering how you got here and start thinking about how your going to move from here. Spending to much time rheuminating about the decisions that negatively impacted your life becomes a breeding ground for shame, mistrust and guilt.

2. Make A List

Get visiual and start writing down what moves your intuitively feeling guided to make. Get out of that relationship that’s holding you back, start bringing in more income, begin that youtube channel you’ve been meaning to do.

3. Execute the B.S

The habits that hold you back need to go.

4. Save the Excuses for the Birds

You don’t need tons of motivational videos or articles to continue reminding you of what need’s to be done. It get’s to a point where you know what steps to take but laziness and fear have their claws around your energy to move forward.

Remember: If your stuck in life it’s because something wasn’t working that needs addressing. It doesn’t mean your going backwards or that you will now and forever be a failure. Those thoughts will hold you victim and life will eventually hold you accountable for believing you are a victim.

“One day I will make you proud” — Self to self

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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