I’ve been studying the concept of duality in my everyday life.

I noticed during these weeks my fear of the dark, which is something I’ve always had; however, in these past week’s this fear has gotten worse. Night in most spiritual contexts represents the subconscious, shadow self, the “unseen” where fears, negative beliefs and diminishment of self-power takes place.

One night, in particular, I’m playing my normal meditation music trying to force relaxation on myself so I can hurry up and go to sleep and this wave of awareness rushes over me.

I can hear every small sound, creek, bug, and movement in the apartment and I’m the only one here so I’m shitting bricks. Here I am popping up in my bed to check on a noise or turning on my phone to see if something is there watching me and I realized how many years I’ve overlooked the level of control this fear has on me.

A fear that I allow to rob me of relaxation and a restful sleep.
My fear of the dark shows me how comfortable I truly am with my shadow self. How much control my shadow has over me due to the lack of opening myself up and journeying into my abyss. I shouldn’t have to spend hours checking and rechecking as if my fear isn’t my own creation and what’s “hidden” are simply aspects of myself that I haven’t met.

A perfect lesson of duality was here in front of me asking me to confront my fear’s of what could possibly be hidden in the dark and actually walk into it knowing that everything I find I am the sole creator of.

Peace can not be found in the night until peace is found within your shadow self, it amazes me how questions are answered for those who seek to understand themselves. How many great lessons are provided right the eye’s in everyday life waiting for attention.

The journey of finding comfortability in the dark is one of great understanding and acceptance. I wonder if that’s why escapism happens’s mostly at night at the clubs, bars etc. because many people don’t want to confront and accept the dark, they rather distract themselves and keep running.

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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