This world asks us to define who we are not to ourselves but to everyone else. It’s almost as if being easily understood is awarded and being misunderstood is awkward.

How can a complex person be broken down into a few Instagram photos and facebook statuses? Is that all we want from one another is that all we wish to learn from each other is just what you’ve done and please make is ascetically appealing to the eyes.

What about all the substantial information we’re choosing to overlook like:

– What makes you mad? Have you ever figured out why?

– What get’s you up in the morning and inspires you through your day, do you think it’ll change one day?

– What’s the saddest, happiest, most boring social media unworthy moments of your life?

That is still only a fraction of what makes a person a person. If we’ll never be able to see the world from another person’s perspective or walk a day in someone’s else’s shoes. Why is it that we rather know what you ate today or enjoy a filter on a photograph rather than be inspired by your journey.

I do consider that if everyone was this vulnerably open how quickly superficiality would become non-existent and maybe it would be oddly too much emotion for everyone and that could be way superficiality has it’s place right now.

That’s what writers are for, to give that fix of the impeccable flawed human condition and express it to the world simply because most writer’s don’t give an F word. We have our breakdown’s just like everyone else and feel most emotion’s more intensely than other’s, the world exists as we feel it.

Every writer I’ve met has either gone through an awakening mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically and realized that superficiality isn’t good enough. Writer’s need to edify their souls and maybe the only way we know how is being honest, one hundred percent uncomfortably honest with you and ourselves.

We’re on a search of what lies beyond the likes, hearts, and giphs wondering and hoping other people are on the same journey pouring their heart out.

Self-expression, what a beautiful way to heal the world.

Be True To You — Jasmin O.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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