Look at that fire

The way she allows herself to burn for the one she loves

How the flames crack through her skin shedding the old. In her bewildered eye’s you see the hope that there will be something more, something that makes it all worth it.

Watch those flames explode, catching fire faster, she’s just standing there, still, it consumes her.

Her heart opening more causing the flames to rise higher as if gasoline spills from her chest. She shows no sign of wanting it to stop, she’s just let it consume her as we all stand by the sidelines watching this display of love.

Hands clenched, eyes pierced shut and her leg’s slowly giving out, I wonder how much more she can take before she collapses. Those flames, those forever bright flames are taking her to places she’s never experienced before, she might not make it and as she falls to her knees

 It happens.

Those wings, those large red wings come slicing through the flames rising her from the ashes. 

Those wings slowly elevating her lifeless body higher into the sky with the flames refusing to let go. Taking each piece of her old self that she agreed to sacrifice for the one she loved.

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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