“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from” — Seth Godin

I packed up and moved to Hawaii to discover myself without old distractions and start creating from a place of emotional fulfillment.

What I learned first is your environment has a huge impact on your creative drive and inspiration. Since being here I’ve taken advantage of the laid-back flow and turned inward with no external pressure of needing to rush through my own self-development. Luckily, this new found way of living has provided me huge nuggets of self-realization’s and how I stand in my own way of happiness.

Sometimes you have to remove the external obstacles in order to realize all along you’ve been standing in your own way. Once I was able to see that my BEHAVIOR and THOUGH PATTERN’S are my biggest obstacles and not Connecticut’s weather or emotionally cold citizen’s.

Then everything hit me at once that not only am I the creator of my own reality but I am also the sole destroyer of my own opportunities.

Opportunities as in the lesson’s I’ve come face to face with and judged them as unlucky situations that left me with lack. Or the relationship’s I found myself walking away from with the belief I wasted my time.

Believing that things happen to you rather than for you. That destroys the gifts the universe gives you, without that relationship or “unlucky” situation I wouldn’t have found the courage to change my life and leave the state. I wouldn’t find the internal peace and reward of expressing myself through writing. I would have never found out how important it is to love myself and spend hours on this island creating a life fit for just me.

So before you judge your situation, remember:

Judging anything right or wrong is the truest waste of time

Because in this life your sole responsibility is to keep growing. Whether that’s mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically, everything that happens is to push you further on your path. You have free will to choose not to grow and you’ve probably met someone that refuses too, it’s saddening.

Your life works in your favor

If you think you’d do a better job than the universe at teaching you how to be your truest self. Then you haven’t tapped into the amazing fact that we just get to live and let life flow. We don’t have to come up with complex situations to catalyze our growth. Our only job is to live, be grateful and manifest what we truly desire.

If your life doesn’t look the way you want it to look maybe you should remove the sunglasses of control and negativity. Place some fresh glasses of perspective and you will see how powerful of a creator you really.

All the people, places and thing’s that have been removed is to assist you sharpening and clearing your life perspective.

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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