After all the changes I’ve had in the past few years I believe it’s only fair to appreciate the people that stuck with me through the transformation. Let’s not forget our best friends that kept us smiling and laughing through the tears.

So here it is Best-Friend;

You rock my world

You throw me to the tiger’s and shark’s and force me to look my shadow in the eye. You do this by being a real resemblance to me, the resemblance of sometimes the things I didn’t want to see.

When I would decide to go back to that guy who broke my heart or impulsively take three steps back on my self-growth journey. I know I can look to you to still accept me just as I am.

Without any judgment, you’ve seen me at my lowest and my highest without a wince of change. You’ve truly shown me that I’m not perfect and how perfect I am in my own imperfection.

Because through those imperfect moments of weakness I still laughed with you, we still drove around all night talking of bigger dreams. In that empty apartment as broke as we were, we still traded advice and pushed each other to chase our wildest dreams.

Your nothing like me and I’m nothing like you and that used to scare me into believing that we wouldn’t make it as far as we did. Now after all these year’s I’ve realized I don’t want my best friend to be just like me, I want her to be just like you.

Fiery, passionate and an emotional mess at times because you’ve shown me that love doesn’t have to come from a familiar/safe place. That only trusting yourself and being a loner isn’t as exciting as allowing someone to share the biggest life experiences with you.

In fact, the best love comes from the profound, strange connections that were simply meant to be. The most treasured aspect is that you’re still in my life after all the growth that’s taken place and our friendship haven’t changed.

Sincerely, your best friend, your keeper of secrets — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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