I discovered the profound ability to effectively communicating with myself when I started to realize my life was taking me farther away from anything I’ve ever experienced.

I was able to figure out blockages, fear-based belief systems and what I really wanted when I only had to worry about my own opinion. I’m not discounting the fine experience of relating to another and soaking up someone else’s advice to add on to your own.

However, I am saying that you should be the person that spends the most time with yourself. Because if you’re not then how do you know your really creating a life based on what you want? How do you know what you want?

This past year of intense internal change inspired me to trade in my social butterfly days for hours of talking to myself out loud. Experiencing my fair share of stares and nosey people trying to figure who I’m talking to yet it’s become one the vital pieces in my journey.

You don’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes until you ask. We casually look this self-communication over because we assume that if we’re experiencing our life then we automatically know how we feel about it and what we want out of it.

It’s so far from the truth it’s a little surprising at first, I wasn’t aware of many thing’s swimming around my heart and mind.

When I finally started speaking to myself is when I got to know myself.

When I got to know myself I started to understand myself.

When I started understanding who I am I was able to make decisions based on the truest version of me and that’s where the hidden gold lays.

Deep down underneath the distractions, judgments, and opinions of others.That’s where your dreams are and the path to make those dreams come to life.

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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