The first time I had a shroom-induced psychedelic trip was the first time I experienced unconditional love and the deepest peace and healing.

When it was time to experience my first “shroom trip” I made sure to set a specific intention of healing at a soul level. I and my roommate decided to take 3.0 grams each, which was recommended by the grower and what happened for the next five hours is the best experience of my life so far.

Immediately I could see colors, waves, and shapes all around me and was able to manipulate energy right in front of my eyes. This energy felt like electricity flowing through my body unrestrictively bringing all my emotional wounds to the surface. This awareness of unhealed wounds brought so much gratitude I began to cry, I can’t explain the state of bliss I was in but I can say it was something I’ve never experienced before. I was legitimately thankful to be human and experience emotions, thoughts, and reality in this complex way.

Then the healing journey started intensely I was taken into my own mind, heart and soul journey. I lived through a very traumatic childhood which has always been a vulnerable subject for me but on this trip, I was able to go into my own darkness and fill it with light. I had access to the deeper parts of my own subconscious and still have this ability after my trip. I was able to sit down the youngest version of myself and discuss the beliefs I instilled throughout my life and see how these beliefs brought more pain and patterns of suffering. I and my child-self expressed how we both felt, what we were seeking for and the loss we carried. We hugged, cried and healed and once that healing took place I was brought through other lifetimes I experienced.

There are a lot of opposing views on whether reincarnation exists but through my trip, my personal life and beliefs I was shown it does.
After these two healing trips for the rest of the trip, I laid back and enjoyed this unconditional love for myself.

Imagine a space where societies judgments or requirements don’t exist, there’s just a ton of love flooding in voids you never even knew were there, powerful enough to feel like your floating. Imagine a moment where everything is perfect and you have everything you could ever need.
It’s a scary feeling initially, this world drills into your subconscious that you aren’t good enough until society deems you worthy.

That thought is a depressing thought but I would have never realized how inauthentic my life and beliefs were if it wasn’t for a trip that showed me true love, unconditional love, everything I’ve scoured the world for was right here with me. With that lesson came the realization that this life goes by in a flash essentially and I can either use this time breaking my back to make society happy, twisting, turning and distorting my flawlessness until it’s acceptable. Or I can simply do what makes me happy and be successful at doing so. That, in summary, was my mushroom trip and since then I have restarted writing and expressing what I’ve learned to help other people. Picked up and moved to Hawaii and healed plenty of old patterns and beliefs.

I can confidently state this trip changed my entire life and set me on a path of living through my most authentic, prosperous self.

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