I couldn’t tell you how many post’s and offer’s I see promising a new physically fit lifestyle. Diet changes, pills, drinks and work out are all suggesting that once committed your whole life will change because you’ll LOOK the way you THINK you want.

What if I told you that your body already know’s exactly what it needs? What if I told you that external information promising you the body of your life is nowhere near as effective as getting in touch with your bodies communication system?

The journey lays within, the hard work and determination are dictated by how serious you are about living a truly healthy lifestyle. If the dedication is there then read on because this will shed honest light on how to bring the healthy lifestyle you pin about on Pinterest.

The emotional, spiritual, mental and physical body all have their own communication system. Unfortunately, these systems can be hijacked by external sources. The emotional body is usually hijacked by false beliefs from traumatic experiences. The mental is hijacked by negative unregulated thought patterns and the spiritual is hijacked when all three systems are interrupted and off balance.

The physical communication system is hijacked by a different more serious source and that’s the food industry, simply put. The chemical’s in our food has been proven through research to confuse our natural system and unbalance our understanding of what our body want’s and need’s. The vegan and vegetarian trend are increasing due to the realization of this frightening issue. Our bodies are the most sophisticated, complex machine known to man and it is surprising the lack of credit we give to it by falling for false advertisements that promise us results if we sacrifice getting to know our own bodies at a deeper level.

How do we repair and fix this communication?

The same way you would fix most issues, learning, studying and understanding the problem at hand.


Are a great way of getting to know the body because it rid’s the system of the current chemical’s swimming the bloodstream. It’s the equivalent of giving yourself a break from the outside world and taking a vacation to come back a new person. 
No one can argue that raw food has the utmost nutrients and our bodies go crazy for these healthy detox’s. Once in the detox, the symptom’s are the communication system coming back online and really showing you what’s going on behind the interference of those chemicals you’ve been ingesting.

The detox is lead by the individual for however long he/she feels is necessary. The whole point of getting to know your body is listening, really listening, not allowing cravings and addictions to get in the way. Just like healing your emotional body from trauma and defeating negative self-talk. The body is the same when it comes to junk food addictions and ridding them from your system.

It’s hard, painful and you will experience moments of weakness. We’ve been shown it’s a waste of time trusting McDonald’s or Burger King to have your best interest at heart. Instead, I suggest clinging to educating yourself about yourself and you will find that changes are much easier to make and stick too.

Because you run the show, your hijacks are released and you are now in the driver seat to make decisions on how you’d like your lifestyle to look.

Try it out and let us all know what you’ve learned about your body during your detox and resetting the communication system.

Be True To You — Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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