“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” — Nelson Mandela

Life is full of choices, some reversible and some not. Either way, every single choice made in life deserves your full attention as choices in life reverberate and tend to have a domino effect.

Many people don’t have the tools to make good choices and find themselves in the same moods, thought patterns and situations no matter how much aspiration they have to be somewhere different. There’s a sure way out of this rut and it will take discipline, as most things do that create a beautiful life.

1. Impulsivity Need’s To Go

The impulsive nature of making decisions need to end. The day’s of immediate gratification isn’t good enough anymore because it usually doesn’t pan out well in the long term.

In order to stop making impulsive decisions once and for all give yourself a five hour minimum for small choices and a day minimum for contractual choices. This will allow you to see the pros and cons more efficiently if you’re used to making impulsive decisions than you aren’t used to effectively weighing out the pros and cons.

After some time it won’t take five hours or a day to decide, but for now, give yourself ample time and room, patience is key to effective change.

2. “NO” Is That Friend That Know’s What She’s Talking About

How many choices have you made so far ignoring the “no” whisper in your head?

Probably a few right? That’s okay, sometimes it’s hard to say no. responsibility isn’t alway’s “fun” but it ALWAYS pay’s off. Eventually, you start living for long-term satisfaction only and being responsible will become second nature. When you emotionally commit to happiness anything that can negatively affect you is a no-brainer to walk away from.

3. Understand What Fear Feel’s Like

There are so many articles begging you not to make decisions out of fear yet miss one piece of vital information. What does fear even feel like?
No one would be making decisions out of fear if fear showed up in a bright red jumpsuit but unfortunately fear shows up with the same voice, hairdo, and style that you have every day making it easily mistakable for intuition.

These five hours/day to make a decision is set aside in order to sit with yourself and feel your way through fear. Once you understand how fear moves through your mind, body, and soul it will become easier to navigate your steps in life.

4. Don’t Include Your Friends Initially

They’re in the same boat as you!!

The decisions we make are different than any person you will meet in your life and it’s meant to be that way because we are all unique. There’s no short cut’s in relying on yourself in life.

Don’t allow anyone to make a decision for you whether their opinion seems sound or not. Give yourself the permission to rule over your own reality and trust yourself enough to make decisions for yourself. Even if you fall flat on your face you were meant to and when you get up, which you will, now you know a valuable lesson that you would never learn any other way.

5. Be Honest With Yourself

When self-trust isn’t solid we tend to place our problems and decisions on others in hopes they know what we want in life. No one knows what you want more than you. In order to access that knowledge, you have to dig deep and listen.
Your heart want’s your attention when it comes to matters of life choices. Sit with yourself and build a routine that helps you access this part of yourself.
I grab my laptop, find a new cafe and journal my heart out until nuggets of gold come popping up on my screen and the AHA! the moment goes off where i realize what my heart is trying to tell me.

Making better decisions requires practice and discipline; however, it is a needed tool to create the life you desire deep down. By learning to trust yourself you enable a massive healing that will change how you walk, talk and maneuver for the rest of your life.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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